On sunny dayssunglasses are an indispensable complement without which it can become impossible to enjoy the great outdoors.

However, we must know how to choose them so that their effect is the desired one on our image. We often tend to only look at the models that most appeal to us aesthetically, but have we ever wondered which frame suits our face type the best? There are hundreds of different sunglasses that you can wear, but first, you need to identify your face type.

How can I identify my face type?

It is important that you identify your face type before purchasing a new pair of sunglasses for yourself.

To identify your face type, place yourself in front of a mirror at a medium distance, such as the length of your extended arm. Then, using a marker, lipstick or soap, draw the outline of your face; Go from the chin to the top of the hairline.

The silhouette that you see left on the mirror is the shape of your face. Based on this, choose the type of glasses that best suit your face type, as described below.

Here are some of the most common face types and the sunglass frames that appropriately fit them.

Round face

This type of face is characterized by its uniformity in the length and width of the face. The face is considered to be round from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin.

If you have a round face, it is best to opt for rectangular or square lenses since the idea is to lengthen the face at a visual level. People with this face type can also wear “cat’s eye” frames and lenses with narrow bridges.

Try to avoid round glasses, colored glasses, and lenses that cover the eyebrows. These will only enhance those features that are intended to cover up.

Best sunglasses styles:

Oblong face

It is pretty easy to identify an oblong face type since the length of the face is greater than its width, and the forehead and chin have the same width.

People with an oblong face should wear frames that expand the volume of the face, e.g., large glasses. Lenses with large or round frames are quite beneficial for this specific face type.

Avoid small frames or those that include bright colors.

Best sunglasses styles:

  • Mahogany
  • Cruiser
  • Square frames (with slightly rounded corners)
  • Rectangular frames (with slightly rounded corners)
  • Kinetic

Square face

Square faces have very angular jaws while their forehead and cheekbones are of the same width. This seeks to add height and verticality to compensate for the length of the face.

It is recommended that you go with sunglasses with rounded frames. This way, you will be able to contrast the straightness of the face with the roundness of the glasses.

People with square facial features should avoid frames with harsh edges, such as square or rectangular styles.

Best sunglasses styles:

Triangular face

This type of face is characterized by being more longer than wide. While the chin is quite wide, the cheekbones and forehead are narrower on triangular faces.

For such types, it is advised to buy glasses that provide amplitude in the upper part of the frame. For example, the angled lines of the “cat’s eye frames” are an excellent alternative; so are aviator glasses.

Best sunglasses styles:

  • Aviators
  • Cruiser
  • Rectangular frames with a wider upper rim or detailing on the upper rim
  • Oval frames with a wider upper rim or detailing on the upper rim

Heart face

The heart face is characterized if you have a thin jawline. The shape is widened as it reaches the upper part of the face. Here, the cheekbones are wider as is the forehead. Heart face is also called an inverted triangle.

In short, heart-shaped faces can benefit a lot from sunglasses that provide volume in the lower part of their frames, such as the aviator, for example. In this way, the part of the face that is lacking in size is “filled.”

Best sunglasses styles:

Oval face

It is considered the perfect face type since it presents perfect total harmony in its features. An oval face is a little wider in the area of ​​the cheeks and narrow around the chin.

Best sunglasses styles:

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General recommendations:


  • Other factors, like the quality and material of the sunglasses, should also be considered when buying sunglasses. You should make sure that the lenses are polarized so that they protect your eyes against solar radiation. 

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  • When analyzing the size of the frames, you should also consider your haircut and hairstyle
  • Remember that small-sized glasses are not for large faces, and large glasses are not for small faces. The size of the sunglasses must be proportionate to your face.


  • When choosing the color of your lenses, keep in mind that it has to contrast with your skin tone. For example, blonde-haired people or people with light skin should choose blue, black, pink, or white-colored lenses. For people with dark hair or people with darker skin tones should choose colors like navy blue, yellow, or red.

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