It is very important that you know how to choose the right sunglasses for travel. When selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses for all types of traveling, be it active or passive, there are some things that you need to consider first. Everyone wears sunglasses when they travel, and you need a pair that is not only comfortable but also durable, polarized, and let’s face it, good looking.

While traveling, you will probably spend a good part of your time wearing your sunglasses, which will be one of your most valuable assets, especially if they have a prescription. So, how do you choose the right sunglasses for travel?

Here are some tips that will help you select the perfect pair of sunglasses for when you decide to travel the great outdoors.

Consider a plastic mount

It’s easy to make the mistake of falling in love with a heavy mount and hope everything will be fine. This extra weight can lead to headaches that force you to choose between being blinded by the sun or having a headache. 

We strongly recommend that you choose a pair of lightweight sunglasses that ensure your comfort throughout the day. 

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Moreover, if you are the type of person that takes your sunglasses everywhere, we suggest that you choose a plastic frame of good quality; those that are lightweight and are also built to last normal wear and tear. Frames made from hypoallergenic plastic is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

Polarized lenses

Another important thing to consider when selecting sunglasses is to know whether or not the lenses are polarized. Polarized lenses are definitely a great investment because they reduce the glare effects on reflective surfaces like sand, water, or snow. 

What people don’t know is that Polarized Sunglasses are more than just good looking accessories to fashionable attire. Their benefits over traditional sunglasses make them highly recommended by optometrists.

Protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays

When buying glasses, travelers often choose glasses that match their style. This aspect is very important to feel good, but each color has a meaning and a protective power. Brown lenses are the ones that provide the best protection in all circumstances. They are very suitable for nearsighted people. If you drive, opt for gray lenses. They promise an excellent color rendering on the road. 

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We strongly recommend using orange or yellow colored lenses for those planning to stay in the mountains. Not only do they provide impeccable vision in all cases, but they also improve contrasts that would be hard to notice in cloudy areas. During periods of low sunlight, you can use colored glasses of all types to simply perfect your style. 

It is therefore recommended to choose lenses with an index of at least 3 (allowing only 8% to 18% of UV rays) because they are the best for everyday use. The UV rating system is rated from 0 (passing from about 80% to 100% UV) to 4 (allowing about 3% to 4% UV light).

Consider buying foldable frames

If you haven’t noticed, folding frames are changing the game for sunglasses. Several well-known brands produce models that slip easily into a shirt or backpack pocket. They comfortably fold into half, protecting your wallet from broken or damaged lenses.

With folding sunglasses, you do not have to sacrifice style for practical reasons. On the other hand, most folding frames come in men’s styles, but let’s be honest, we do not need to be athletic or male to enjoy all the benefits that folding sunglasses have to offer.

5 point checklist for finding sun-safe summer sunglasses

  1. Lightweight: look for acetate or plastic frames that aren’t heavy or super bulky.
  2. Comfort: Make sure that the branches are well-formed and that the mounts curl towards the face. Also, check if the nose pads fit comfortably.
  3. UV Protection: Look for sunglasses that have a high index of UV protection. These will help block UV and UVB rays.
  4. Robust frame: TR-90 and acetate frames will be able to handle a little careless handling (not that you should try using them roughly.)
  5. Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses will reduce glare on reflective surfaces protecting your eyes in the long run.

Select sunglasses according to your planned activities

Depending on the type of traveler you are, you may need sunglasses that are appropriate for the activities you will be attending. If you are adventurous and plan on paddling or kayaking for the first time, then you need something that will survive the water while reducing the glare off its reflective surface. 

Choosing a pair of sunglasses with an acetate frame and polarized lenses will help them survive the inevitable contact with water and protect your eyes from the harsh sun.

If your vacation plan involves lying by the pool or on the beach, then you need to focus on choosing sunglasses with a high UV protection and polarizing lenses, which will reduce the glare reflected by the water, sand and the beautiful white sunbeds that surround the pool. 

Remember to pack your sunglasses in a place where you can easily access them. While traveling, it is recommended that you store your glasses in your jacket pocket or a zipped pocket on your backpack. 

There are beautiful folding sunglasses that are the perfect travel companion for clumsy, distracted, or even distressed adults traveling with children. They are also an excellent means of transportation for traveling with limited luggage space as you can use smaller compartments in your backpack or purse.

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